20th of November 2018: Two young men sitting in a bar and having a musician date. Tim Gerfen made an advert online, to search for some like minded people to found a Thrash-Metal band. The singer Leon Haberstroh entered and SYDRA was born. The chemistry was perfect from the beginning, even if Tim just upset a glass of whisky. Until January 2019 the two found a drummer in Felix Siegmann, a bass player in Dominik Plein and a rhythm guitarist in Nick Haak. The rehearsals began by playing some Metal-classics, like „Seek and Destroy“, „Symphony of Destruction“ and last but not least „Raining Blood.“ The energy of this jams created the first two songs of the band: „No remorse“ and „S.D.I“ Because of the level SYDRA wanted to reach in the future, Nick left the band and Iven Mühlhaus entered the spot for him. For eight months the five guys wrote songs until their first chance to perform live. The live debut was on 3rd of August 2019. The feeling after the performance was incredible and felt like the first step the band took. 

After some gigs in bigger and smaller locations SYDRA began to plan their debut album. „The Silenced“ was recorded from March 2020 in the „Milchhaus-Studio Müllheim.“ The production took 6 months until the release on 6th of September 2020. Meanwhile the album was made, the time was embossed by the COVID-crisis and the move to a new own rehearsal room. The band had the chance to perform on a livestream gig and participate in interviews, but not to play in front of the beloved SINNER family was very hard. After the album was finished Iven and Dominik left the band voluntary due to personal reasons. The three remaining backline members Felix, Tim and Leon searched for two new fellows. Janek Weinhold entered the position on bass and backing vocals, Willi Miller the spot as rhythm guitarist. SYDRA is now looking forward to play as many concerts as possible and are in progress to write songs for the second album.


Leon Haberstroh (Sänger)

Stroh ist eines der Gründungsmitglieder der Band. Nach anderen Projekten vor SYDRA war Leon auf der Suche, nach einer Gruppe, die sich darauf versteht alles für die selbe Musik und die Stärke der Gemeinschaft zu geben.  



Tim Gerfen (Lead-Gitarre)

Tim gründete SYDRA, nachdem er sich so wie Stroh in anderen Projekten nie sich selbst gefunden hatte. Als treibende Kraft hinter der Musik, ist Tim der Grund für den Sound und die Richtung, für die SYDRA steht. 

Willi Miller (Rhythmus-Gitarre)

Willi war von Anfang an dabei, jedoch nicht als Mitglied, sondern als Fan. Als die Gelegenheit kam, bei SYDRA einzusteigen brauchte er nicht lange überlegen.  

Marvin Otec (Bass)

Marvin ist Bassist durch und durch. Ihr werdet ihn niemals mit einem Plektrum sehen.

Felix Siegmann (Schlagzeug)

Felix war lange auf der Suche nach einer Band, die seinen Vorstellungen entspricht. Durch seine Einflüsse bringt er viel Variabilität in die Band.